A map to the SIM card shop in the arrivals area of Prague Airport (Terminal 2). Sketched by Chris.

Prague SIM Cards: A Guide for Visitors with Airport Map

Updated by Chris. Chris used to live in the EU and is planning on visiting Prague soon.

A map and guide to help visitors arriving at Prague Airport figure out where to buy a SIM card and which one to buy. I travel frequently to new cities and I understand how confusing it can be to step off an international flight and try to figure out foreign SIM cards. Hopefully this guide provides some clarity on the options available.

There is one shop at Prague airport selling SIM cards:

Shop Location SIM Cards Available
9am - 9pm every day
Slightly to the left after exiting Terminal 2 customs. If coming from Terminal 1, it's a 5 minute walk to the Vodafone shop. See map above. Data SIM for Visitors, from 800 CZK
SIM card shops at Prague Airport

When arriving at Prague airport there is a Vodafone shop selling SIM cards in the Terminal 2 arrivals area. The Data SIM for Visitors SIM card is available from 800 CZK including 10GB of data with 30 day validity. Unlike other SIM cards sold in Prague, this visitor SIM cannot be used for roaming in the EU1.

If looking to save some money, a local Vodafone SIM card costs 200 CZK including 500mb of data. The Vodafone shop at the airport may not sell the local SIM card. It can be purchased at other Vodafone stores.

There are other good deals available on Czech SIM cards after leaving the airport, these include:

  • Tesco Mobile with 500mb of data for 150 CZK (valid for 7 days)2
  • T-Mobile with 10GB of data for 600 CZK (valid for 30 days)3

If travelling on to other EU countries after arriving in Prague, I feel it’s worth leaving the airport to buy a SIM card. All SIM cards in this guide work in other EU countries except the Vodafone Data SIM for Visitors.

If I’m staying only in Czechia and for roughly 3-4 weeks, I would pick up the Vodafone visitor SIM. I generally use a lot of data when I travel - this SIM offers a decent amount of gigabytes per CZK, and it’s very convenient to buy. Other SIM cards I consider are provided below.

Using an EU SIM card in Czechia

European SIM cards can roam in the Czech Republic with no additional charges.

As a member of the EU, the Czech Republic participates in the EU single digital market. This means Roam Like Home is available where a SIM card from any other EU country can be used in the Czech Republic for no additional charge4.

Every SIM card I’ve used in Europe supports EU-wide roaming, there are only a very small number that don’t. Czech Vodafone’s Data SIM for Visitors is an example.

I’ve included more detail about roaming and the associated costs in the #roaming section of this guide.

Part 1: SIM card options when arriving in Prague

The only SIM card I’ve found at Prague airport is the Vodafone Data SIM for Visitors. It has two plans available:

  • 800 CZK for 10GB of data
  • 1299 CZK for 20GB of data

Both plans are valid for 30 days. Calls to non-Vodafone numbers cost an extra 6.55 CZK per minute.

Alternative options are available after leaving the airport, such as:

  • Tesco Mobile SIM with 500mb and some calls for 150 CZK (valid 7 days only)
  • T Mobile which includes an option for 600 CZK including 10GB (valid 30 days)
  • Sazka which has 5GB for 390 CZK (valid 30 days)5

OpenCall is also a good option if planning on making lots of international phone calls.

These SIM cards are widely available at convenience stores and other shops around Prague and the Czech Republic. I’ve also included details of where to buy these alternative SIM cards further below.

I found an overwhelming number of SIM card options available after leaving Prague airport. These are some of the cheaper and more convenient ones to purchase. If staying longer in the Czech Republic, some of the other providers that might offer a good deal (in terms of quota, coverage, or good customer service) include O2 with 5GB of data for 549 CZK or Vodafone with 3GB of data for 349 CZK.

Best Czech SIMs for Data

I’ve compared the Czech prepaid SIM cards based on the data available for arriving visitors. This is what an arriving visitor would expect to pay for a Czech SIM card (i.e. I’ve included the cost of the SIM card and the top-up). If staying longer than a month in the Czech Republic, expect to pay lower than the amount below. All amounts are valid for 30 days except Tesco Mobile.

For the least spend, prepaid SIM cards include:

  • Tesco Mobile, 500mb for 150 CZK with 7 day validity
  • Sazka, 700mb (made of 200mb for a new SIM + 500mb of data package) for 150 CZK
  • OpenCall, 750mb for 200 CZK6

For these data packages I’ve included the cost of the new SIM: This is what a visitor to Prague would expect to pay for this amount of data, roughly 150-200 CZK for 500-750mb.

For the best value data, check out:

  • T Mobile, 10GB for 600 CZK (including SIM and data package)
  • Sazka, 5GB for 450 CZK (150 CZK for SIM + 300 CZK for top-up)
  • OpenCall, 5GB for 600 CZK with 151 CZK available for calls (includes SIM + top-up)

Again I’ve included the cost of SIM and top up. A benefit of topping-up over the amount required for the data package is that the remainder can be used for calls.

I like have local calls available when I travel to a foreign country, makes it easy to call hotels and restaurants, and for locals to call me.

Best Czech SIMs for Calls

If thinking about making a lot of calls while in the Czech Republic, I’ve included some examples of how much this costs:

For local calls, expect to pay:

  • Vodafone, 6.55 CZK per minute
  • O2, 4.90 CZK per minute7
  • OpenCall, 1.80 CZK per minute

For international calls, I found the best value to be with OpenCall, for example:

  • UK: 2.90 CZK per minute
  • USA, Canada and Australia: 5.50 CZK per minute

I typically don’t use a SIM card to make international calls (unless it’s included in a prepaid amount that I’m going to lose anyway). If you’re interested in my favourite ways to save money on calls while travelling in other countries, check out the guide I wrote here: https://landinglastminute.com/calling-while-travelling-guide/

Where to Buy a SIM After Leaving Prague Airport

Vodafone sells the only SIM cards available at Prague Airport. The Data SIM for Visitors that Vodafone offers is not likely to be good value for most people. I like it for the convenience of buying a SIM card at the airport however.

After leaving the airport, here are some nearby locations of shops the alternative SIM cards recommended above can be found:

Network Shop
Tesco Mobile

Tesco Stores, such as in My Národní


T-Mobile stores

Czech post offices



Online order in Czech


Relay, such as near Můstek station


SIM card locations in Prague, after leaving the airport


All three networks (T-Mobile, Vodafone, and O2) have excellent coverage throughout the Czech Republic. Each network has some blackspots, particularly around hills and mountains. I’ve never had any problems with any of the networks however.

Other SIM cards in this guide use one of these networks: Tesco Mobile, O2; Sazka, Vodafone; OpenCall, O2.

Do I need ID to buy a SIM card at Prague Airport?

Identification is not required to purchase a SIM card in Prague airport or anywhere in the Czech Republic8.

Part 2: Roaming - Bringing a SIM to Czechia and taking SIMs out of Czechia

Roaming in the Czech Republic With a Foreign SIM

Anyone with an EU SIM card to roam to the Czech Republic. This includes visitors from outside the EU who purchased an EU SIM in another member country.

Americans who travel frequently and are subscribed to AT&T might also find value in the Roaming Passport. America’s T-Mobile also works in the Czech Republic. Anyone else staying more than a few days in Europe will likely find it better value to purchase a local SIM card upon arrival.

For Americans:

  • AT&T includes the Czech Republic with their Roaming Passport for 70 USD per month9;
  • T-Mobile includes Czech Republic in plans with Simple Global (unlimited 2G data)10.

For Americans not already subscribed to AT&T’s roaming passport, buying a local SIM card seems much cheaper than roaming to the UK.

For Canadians:

  • Rogers11 and Telus12 charge 12 CAD per day to use your regular quota in the Czech Republic;
  • Bell charges 12 CAD per day for 500mb and unlimited calls to the Czech Republic, and Canada13.

Canadians will likely save significant money by purchasing a SIM card when arriving in Prague.

For Australians:

  • Telstra charges 10 AUD per day for roaming in the Czech Republic14;
  • Vodafone charges 5 AUD per day15;
  • Optus charges 10 AUD per day16.

It’s likely better value for visitors arriving in Prague with an Australian SIM to purchase a local SIM upon arrival.

For New Zealanders:

  • Spark charges casual roaming rates for the Czech Republic, starting from NZD 5 per megabyte17;
  • Vodafone lets customers use their plan quotas for 7 NZD per day in the Czech Republic;18
  • 2degrees has roaming data packs starting from 30 NZD for 500mb lasting 3 days19.

New Zealanders arriving in the Czech Republic will likely find it better value to buy a local SIM card.

Roaming to Other Countries with a Czech SIM

Roaming in other EU countries with a Czech SIM does not incur additional charges. EU roaming is not available with Vodafone’s Data SIM for Visitor. All other SIM cards in this guide have EU Roam Like Home available.



Written by Chris who travels frequently for work and understands what it can be like to arrive somewhere new and unfamiliar.

I wrote Landing Last Minute to help the hurried traveler get necessary information about any destination.